Monday, April 22, 2013

A Time and Place: Sundial and benchmark for Wolf River Bluffs

Artist, James Wallace, creates a public sculpture for Wolf River Bluffs. 

United Housing worked with the Urban Art Commission to secure James Wallace's talented design eye. Wolf River Bluffs is to be a site that will change the way we think about affordable housing and green design in Memphis and this unique sculpture embodies this new adventure. "Many times, it was because of an event, the marker (sculpture) is placed in a specific location." The event is green building that is affordable in a neighborhood in need to new and improved housing stock. Wallace describes his design:

"'A Time and A Place' is the marker for Wolf River Bluffs, a planned development with unique visions for both the occupants and the environment. It will be the benchmark, depicting latitude, longitude and elevation above sea level, and a sundial.    

Constructed in weathering Corten (base and platform) and stainless, it will be the zero or starting point for both time and distance.  

Finished dimensions will be approximately 13 feet long, 2.5 feet wide and 7 feet high."  

This marker will be a sign of a meeting place or the referenced site of an event. Thanks to the artist and to everyone involved in making this happen for Wolf River Bluffs!

The photo courtesy of Urban Art Commission is a model for the design to be completed in late spring/summer 2013.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Four Homes at Wolf River a Solar Panel Shy of Complete!

The first four homes built as a part of the third round of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are ready, save for the final piece - the solar panel installation. Very soon these homes will become energy-producing homes! The Wolf River Bluffs development is also EcoBUILD certified by MLGW saving the homeowner $50 per month in utility costs! 

The second round of homes to be built are expected to be on the market later his summer. Stay tuned!

The homes feature beautiful hardwood floors!

Photos courtesy of Bianca Patel